About Jaimie


Jaimie (Miss) Fortune is a tattoo artist based out of Missoula, Montana. She began tattooing in 2012 when she started her apprenticeship at Painless Steel. She is a self-taught artist of many mediums including acrylic and watercolor painting, interior mural design, henna and more.


Jaimie has spent time traveling around the US and Central America to feed her traveling spirit but has planted her roots deeply in Montana where she draws artistic inspiration from the mountains and surrounding beauty. Her tattooing has opened the door to a more intimate connection with art as she deeply values the relationships built between artist and client. Creating both abstract and semi-realistic tattoo designs, the focus of style is always dependent on the personal preference of the client. She respects all art styles but with a quick glance at her work you can see that her passion lies in creating intricate floral pieces and delicate design work, blending nature with surreal aspects such as watercolor and abstract patterns, stippling(dot work) and fine lines.

She hopes to continue to bring a positive and professional light to the studio making memorable experiences and designs that last.

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