Her clients state that she's gentle and soothing during the whole process, using her own experiences to help others be comfortable.



Piercer/Permanent Makeup

The glue that keeps the shop together and one of the most dedicated piercers in Montana.

We take all piercings by walk in. We always have a Body Piercer available during business hours.

If you plan on bringing a minor in for a piercing they must have photo ID, and ID from the parental guardian that will be bringing them. If the minor and parental guardian do not have the same last name we also need a birth certificate or court documents to verify guardianship.

Piercing Fee’s (jewelry cost is separate)

Ear Lobes- $40

Conch- $30

Tragus- $30

Rook- $30

Daith- $30

Tragus- $30

Helix- $30

Forward Helix- $30

Lip- $30

Eyebrow- $30

Navel- $30

Nose- $30

Septum- $30

Nipple- Single $30, Both $50

Surface Anchor- $40

Surface Bar- $50

Genitals- $75.

Basic jewelry cost varies on the piercing itself but roughly starts at $15 and up.

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