Her clients state that she's gentle and soothing during the whole process, using her own experiences to help others be comfortable.



Piercer/Permanent Makeup

The glue that keeps the shop together and one of the most dedicated piercers in Montana.

We take all piercings by walk in. We always have a Body Piercer available during business hours.

If you plan on bringing a minor in for a piercing they must have photo ID, an ID from the parental guardian that will be bringing them and a birth certificate or court documents to verify guardianship.

Piercing Fee’s (jewelry cost is separate)

Ear Lobes- $40

Conch- $30

Tragus- $30

Rook- $30

Daith- $30

Tragus- $30

Helix- $30

Forward Helix- $30

Lip- $30

Eyebrow- $30

Tongue- $30 MUST BE OVER 18

Navel- $30

Nose- $30

Septum- $30

Nipple- Single $30, Both $50 MUST BE OVER 18

Surface Anchor- $40 MUST BE OVER 18

Surface Bar- $50 MUST BE OVER 18

Genitals- $75 MUST BE OVER 18

Basic jewelry cost varies on the piercing itself but roughly starts at $25 and up.

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